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Human Resources

Our Vision for Employees

Mizuho Securities recognizes its employees as the most valuable assets.

In addition to a wide array of training programs for employees when they first join the company or are assigned to a new post, Mizuho Securities also provides rank-based education and training programs. Through these programs, Mizuho Securities supports self-development of employees' career and nurtures appealing, talented personnel. By taking such measures as introducing a compensation and benefits system based firmly on human resources (HR) markets and professionalism, we are moving forward with an aggressive HR strategy on many fronts. We actively hire and promote professionals across a broad spectrum of fields ranging from sales to management functions, assigning a number of highly qualified professionals to appropriate posts.

Moreover, through personnel exchanges with other Mizuho Financial Group companies, we have been able to supplement our pool of human capital while raising the HR synergies of the Group as a whole.

Our corporate culture is defined by openness and fairness, and our teams of professionals, who come from diverse backgrounds, are one of the sources of competitive strength driving our growth as an organization.

Promotion of Diversity

Mizuho Securities is a company with diverse human capital as a result of achieving growth through repeated M&As and flexibly accepting new members into the organization. Amid diversifying client needs and the globalization of businesses, Mizuho Securities will always remain a company where personnel with various backgrounds come together.

In this respect, we have established the Diversity Policy based on employees' aspired corporate culture.

Diversity Policy

Mizuho Securities respects the diversity and individuality of all employees, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, career -level, or lifestyle, and strives to maximize our "differences" to achieve new levels of competitiveness and growth and provide our customers with the very best in products and services.

Maximizing the Potential of All Employees Identifying talent and ambition through fair and appropriate evaluation, and providing the opportunity for all employees to maximize their potential
Enhancing Our Individuality Encouraging open and free-flowing companywide communication on between teams of professionals to inspire business innovation and creativity
Finding Our Optimum Work-Life Balance Striving to achieve a balance between personal happiness and company growth through effective incorporation of diverse work styles

Diversity is the source of Mizuho Securities' competitive strengths. We believe that respecting new ideas, diverse experiences, and concepts and encouraging the fusion of these aspects will enable the creation of new value. Through the Diversity Policy, Mizuho Securities aims to grow together with its employees and become a company capable of providing the highest level of services to clients.

Initiatives by Top Management <Diversity Promotion Committee>

Diversity Promotion Committee reviews policy and principles of diversity. Twice a year, committee is held by chairman nominated by President and senior executive members representing each devision. Mizuho Securities strives to entrench a culture of diversity throughout the company, by carrying out specific diversity promotion measures based on the policies set out by the Committee.

Developing Female Managers and Supporting Employees Combining Work and Childcare

The company is aiming to increase the proportion of women in managerial positions to around 12% by the end of fiscal 2015. In order to achieve this target, we have introduced development programs for women at each level in the organization, and, in order to support members of staff who are combining work with raising a family, we are working to further develop the support framework in the company. For instance, we have put in place a network for working mothers, along with a “concierge” service, which people in the company can use to discuss any concerns they may have regarding raising children and caring for elderly family members.

Female employees in managerial positions

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March 31,
March 31,
March 31,
Percentage of female employees in managerial positions *1 10.5% 12.0% 13.7%
Number of
female employees
in managerial
Departmental managers 46 57 72
Section chiefs 293 339 405
Assistant section chiefs 1,030 1,062 1,038
  • *1 Includes those in departmental manager positions and those holding positions equivalent to section chief or higher (Includes personnel seconded from other companies of the Mizuho Financial Group).

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Main Activities

Promotion of female employee

  • Implementation of training program for female managers
  • Implementation of training program for female managers and candidates
  • Promoting networking activities among female employees

Enhancement of balancing work and family

  • Enhancement of childcare and nursing care related systems
  • Providing follow up support for female employees to attend seminars for childcare leave etc.
  • Providing support for employees after childcare leave
  • Enlightment activities toward balance work and family
  • Promoting networking activities among working mothers

Work-Life Balance

  • Eenhancement and promotion of work-life balance

Enhancement of multi-national and cultural diversity

  • Enhancement of international interaction
  • Enhancement of cultural diversity

Sharing information/changes in the consciousness

  • Opening diversity forum on intra-ne
    • -Introducing examples and roll-models
    • -Sharing information and hold guidance on diversity
  • Starting management training program of spreading diversity mind
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