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Initiatives for Responsible Investment and Financing

We aims to contribute to the healthy and sustainable growth of the world economy through facilitating finance and responsible investments.

Initiatives for products aiming for social contribution

Infrastructure Fund

In April 2014, Tokyo Stock Exchange established "Infrastructure Fund Market" for leveraging private funds and know–hows about new investment, maintenance, and renewal of infrastructures for sustainable society. We mandated as lead–managing underwriter for the 1st and 2nd IPOs in the market.

  • Takara Leben Infrastructure Investment Corporation
  • Ichigo Green Infrastructure Investment Corporation


We underwrite and deal with the bonds, issued for raising fund for solving social problems including supporting developing countries, and global warming countermeasure etc,.

  • "Greenbond" Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank

Investment Trust

We deal with investment trusts which invest in equities etc. issued by companies that have infrastructure assets including roads, airports and ports etc,.
In those investment trusts below, we donate a part of our trust fees from benefitiaries to those parties who initiate improving infrastructures activities etc,. in developing countries.

  • Equity Investment Trust "Global Pocket"

In addition, we handle investment trusts that invest in shares of companies that actively work on environmental measures.

  • Equity Investment Trust "Sompo Japan Green Open"
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