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Links to English Language Websites of Japanese Listed Companies - B

An English language resource from Mizuho Securities

This "Research & Links" section contains links to websites. You will be forwarded to websites other than Mizuho Securities.

Link To Company Code(TSE#) Industry Type
Bando Chemical Industries 5195 Rubber Products
Bank of Iwate 8345 Banks
Bank of Japan 8301 J Banks
Bank of Kyoto 8369 Banks
Bank of Nagoya 8522 Banks
Bank of Okinawa 8397 Banks
Bank of the Ryukyus 8399 Banks
Bank of Yokohama 8332 * Banks
Beauty Garage 3180 M Retail Trade
Bell-Park 9441 J Information & Communication
Belluna 9997 Retail Trade
BeMap 4316 J Information & Communication
Benesse Corporation 9783 Services
Bic Camera 3048 Retail Trade
Bike-O & Company 3377 Wholesale Trade
Biznet Corporation 3381 J Wholesale Trade
BML 4694 Services
Bookoff Corporation 3313 Retail Trade
Bourbon Corporation 2208 Foods
Bridgestone 5108 * Rubber Products
Broadmedia Corporation 4347 J Services
Brother Industries 6448 Electric Appliances
BSP Incorporated 3800 J Information & Communication
Buffalo 3352 J Retail Trade
Bunka Shutter 5930 Metal Products
Business Brain Showa-Ota 9658 J Information & Communication
  • #Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) unless otherwise indicated.
  • A letter indicates a listing on an exchange without a listing on the TSE
  • F = Fukuoka Stock Exchange
  • J = JASDAQ Market (Osaka Securities Exchange)
  • M = MOTHERS Market (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  • N = Nagoya Stock Exchange
  • O = Osaka Securities Exchange
  • S = Sapporo Securities Exchange
  • * a component of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average (as at 1 March 2013)

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