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IPO Support

Activities and Services

In the public share offering business, our teams of experienced advisers are able to take the appropriate steps to meet a diverse range of clients needs.
We provide our clients with extensive support in preparing for public offerings from devising optimal capital policies and installing internal management systems to compiling disclosure documents and preparing screening documentation.
We have assembled teams of experts in post-IPO investor relations, formulating growth strategies, and devising capital strategies and are thus well positioned to provide swift support to meet a diverse array of client needs after they list their shares.

IPO Support

Support for Formulating Capital Policy

Capital policy refers a company's comprehensive strategy for all the accounting items listed under shareholders' equity. This policy is formulated with due consideration for maintaining a balance between fund-raising and the interest of shareholders. After considering the target date for listing and selecting the exchange on which shares will be listed, Mizuho Securities offers assistance in formulating capital policy taking account of such issues as satisfying the criteria for raising funds and listing shares, securing a stable shareholder base following listing, maintaining liquidity of the company's shares, and equity incentives for management.

Assistance for Preparation of Management and Operating Plans

For companies to maintain stable growth, they must have a long-term vision as well as medium- to long-term management plans and specific action plans for attaining their corporate vision. After listing their shares, companies must comply with financial instruments exchange regulations that require the periodic disclosure of the outlook for their performance and other matters. The outlook for performance is important because it forms the basis for investors to make judgments when they are considering buying and/or selling the company's stock. During the examination of the company prior to listing, various matters are scrutinized from the perspective of protecting investors, including whether management and operating plans have been systematically formulated, whether the basis for these plans are reasonable and whether these plans are attainable. Matters related to budgetary control during the preparation for listing are deemed extremely important. Through meticulous verification and specific advice, we provide full support in each process from formulation and monitoring of operating plans to crucial decisions on plan modifications.

Assistance in Structuring Internal Control Systems

Companies cannot attain growth just with promising ideas and products. They must have strong operating and financial systems and operate these systems efficiently by establishing a wide range of internal control systems. Listed companies must respond to the requirements and expectations of their stakeholders (shareholders, business partners, etc.) and must structure internal systems that prevent them from betraying the interests of society in general. In addition, companies are required to disclose their basic thinking and organization with respect to corporate governance (the framework and systems they employ for ensuring disciplined corporate behavior) in their annual Securities Report (Yuka Shoken Hokokusho) and submit their Corporate Governance Report to the financial instruments exchange. In order to establish an effective governance structure befitting listed companies, we work with clients to grasp their current governance status, devise plans for improvement and reinforcement, and provide support for implementation.

League table

IPO Underwriting League Table (Underwriting amount basis)

Total ¥ 906.6 billion

Rank Company Name Amount
(¥ Billion)
Share (%)
1 Daiwa Securities 221.9 24.5
2 Nomura Securities 205.9 22.7
3 Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities 140.2 15.5
4 Mizuho Securities 127.0 14.0
5 SMBC Nikko Securities 111.7 12.3
6 Okasan Securities 11.5 1.3
7 Tokai Tokyo Securities 10.2 1.1
8 IwaiCosmo Securities 4.9 0.5
9 Marusan Securities 3.5 0.4
10 SBI Securities 3.5 0.4
  • *April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013; based on the date on which terms were decided
  • *Mizuho Sec. represents the combined figures with the former Mizuho Investors Securities.
  • *Source: Prepared by Mizuho Securities based on IN Information Center data.


Milestones in Fiscal 2012

<Nikkei Veritas>
Deal of the Year 2012

  • IPO: Japan Airlines

<Euromony Japanese Edition>
Japan Deal of the Year 2012

  • Best IPO Deal:Japan Airlines

Japan Deal Awards 2012

  • Best IPO:Japan Airlines ¥663.3 billion (US$7.5 billion) IPO

Japan Achievement Awards 2012

  • Best IPO:Japan Airlines' $8.5 billion global offering

Milestones in Fiscal 2011

<Euroweek Asia>


Milestones in Fiscal 2010

<EUROMONEY Japanese Edition>
Japan Deal of the Year 2010

  • Best IPO Deal:Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company

Japan Achievement Awards 2010

  • BEST IPO:Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company


We also provide corporate clients with IPO support through Japan Investor Relations and Investor Support, a Mizuho Securities subsidiary.

  • Mizuho Securities Principal Investment Co., Ltd.

As the venture capital subsidiary of Mizuho Securities, MSPI is intimately and consistently involved in working with venture companies to prepare them for a public listing, from identifying promising entities to providing them with consulting.

Operations relating to wealth management and administration of investment partnerships; consulting relating to company evaluation and investment planning

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